Man transcends time through his creativity an the ability to reflect his reality. Through matter, image or sound he recreates forms that evoke sentiments with an aesthetic end. The tendencies and language in art create interdisciplinary links that are taken to create new techniques and different world views.

Conservarium is an institution dedicated to the promotion and preservation of culture and the arts. It focuses on two aspects: preservation and education. Aligned with this, Conservarium produces quality pieces for professional curators.

The objective was to create a corporate identity that could represent the sensible side of human culture as well as the force of something that prevails and that is kept safe.

After a series of explorations we ended with a universal and timeless symbol: the pyramid. The archetype of the transcendence culture. From Egypt to the Louvre Museum, this symbol is strongly connected to the concept of the eternal, the divine triangle. On the other hand, a flower is synonym of aesthetics in culture.

We created a racional icon that would be culturally justified, that would reference historic and contemporary parts of art. It needed to be balanced so it could work as an institution.

Permanence is the remnant of what we are able to create. To conserve human expressions throughout time is to recognize ourselves as the species we are.


Naming & Copywriting: Olga Villegas

Art Direction: Mario Hgno

Design: Mario Hgno, Andrea Hazel

Year: 2014