One of the most important staples in Japanese culture is the tree plant, camellia sinensis. Some of these plants are handled by human hands in order to make them produce higher concentrations of antioxidants. These grinded plants become matcha, the base product of the ice cream and coffee shop Hello Matcha.

There is a japanese legend where a rabbit sacrifices itself in order to help a wanderer get to his destination and in return his figured was placed on the surface of the moon. The rabbit  is seen as the highest expression of selflessness. In other countries, such as Mexico, this animal is often associated with good luck and fortune. We combined this symbolic figure with the green essence of matcha, a constant reminder of the far east.

The elements found inside the rabbit’s body are representations of utensils and objects related to the world of tea culture. The tattoo trace is a reference to the traditional Japanese art that symbolizes protection and spirituality since their emergence.


Art Direction: Mario Hgno. Ballesteros

Design: Lilian Navarro / Mario Hgno. B.

Naming & Copywriting: Olga Villegas / Karen Vizcarra

Photography: Fredy Morfín / Nubia Fernández