Nāhnya is a Mexican brand that involves tea, infusions and beauty products that are a blend of asian practices and hints of the mexican countryside.

We developed the name following two concepts: nah- which means house in Mayan and nia which means ours in Esperanto. This feminine neologism with Pre-Columbian traits is an amulet that takes us back to our home.

The graphic identity involves the connection of two worlds, two cultures through: camellia sinensis leaves (tea leaf), women who harvest leaves representing the asian cultural part of the product, a local farmer who represents the Mexican cultural part of the brand. The flowers are all of the possibilities that can happen with tea as a base ingredient. The brand appeals to our bountiful nature who provides products for our selfcare.


Copywriting: Olga Villegas / Karen Vizcarra

Art Direction: Mario Hgno

Design: Mario Hgno / Lilian Navarro

Photography: Amadeus Hdez